Melt-Proof Summer Snacks

Melt-Proof Summer Snacks

Jul 02, 2021Laura Lives Social, LLC

We love summer! What we don't love is when the heat gets to our snacks before we have the chance to savor them. Here are the best melt-proof snacks that are sure to keep you satisfied during the hottest months of summer.


Every good barbecue has appetizers to hold your guests over before the main course. Our Nuts and Cheese Box makes the perfect cheeseboard for your backyard summer events. Just add your favorite crackers or chips, and your friends and family will be asking for more!


Have you been searching for a protein-packed snack to bring to the pool, but you're tired of the kids digging their wet hands through the chip bag? Pre-packaged nuts are the perfect solution for your summer excursions. The Manly Nut Box features six 4oz bags of our hand-crafted, kettle-cooked nuts that will fit right in your pool bag so everyone can have their own. With six different flavors to choose from, they are guaranteed to please everyone in the family.


Fuel up during your upcoming hike or camping trip with the Nuts & Beef Box. Guaranteed to keep you energized while hitting the trails, this box is packed with delicious snacks to keep you going. With ten sticks of beef, this sampler is made to be shared around a campfire. Warning: this snack has been known to attract Sasquatch.


No need to wait until 5 o'clock; these alcohol-infused morsels are socially acceptable all day! Our Beer & Bourbon Nuts will keep you fired up during your summer project. Keep a stash in the garage for when you're craving a crunch while working on that old project car.

We've created some of the tastiest heat-proof snacks for the summer, now all you have to do is enjoy them. So savor every bite of these mess-free, hassle-free, melt-free snacks and enjoy your summer!

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