Chocolate Around the World

Chocolate Around the World

Aug 01, 2021Laura Lives Social, LLC

Break out your passport because today’s blog is taking you on an all-inclusive, educational, and drool-worthy trip around the globe to learn how chocolate is incorporated in different cultures. We have never met a cocoa bean that we didn’t like, so when given ideas to incorporate chocolate into EVEN MORE aspects of our lives, we say, “All aboard!” Fasten your seatbelts because it is going to be a turbulent ride over mountains of chocolate and seas of fondue.

First stop- Japan. In Sadie Hawkins’-esque style, the ladies of Japan traditionally gift the gentlemen the sweet token of ‘aisuru’ for Valentine’s Day. But girls, do not fret, for only one month later on White Day, the boys return the sweet gesture so that everyone can enjoy a little bit of sweetness.

Next stop- Germany. On St. Nicholas’ Day, the children of Germany set a boot on their stoop overnight. If they were good, St. Nick will fill it with the most precious gift of all, chocolate. But if they were bad, they may wake up to a boot full of sticks, and we’re not talking about our Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks.

Making our way to the Czech Republic, the day spas have leveled up their beauty treatments. Clients can opt for a relaxing massage or facial using melted chocolate in place of lotion and exfoliates. It is believed to rid the body of toxins while softening and rejuvenating the skin. Sign us up!

Final stop- Italy! In the city of Perugia, an annual European Chocolate Festival is held over the span of nine days. Chocolate is celebrated here by showcasing chocolatey art sculptures, experimental tastings, unique chocolate molds, and endless souvenir options. Now that’s amore!

Chocolate should be considered the universal language because it is beloved by the whole world. This decadent food that is used in long-standing traditions, endearing gestures, art, and even health and beauty can represent a culture in so many ways. So, as we complete this round-trip, feel free to exit through the gift shop and pick out a sweet, Sugar Plum style.

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