Game Day Snacks

Game Day Snacks

Sep 08, 2021Laura Lives Social, LLC

Huddle up! Here’s the game plan. We’ve got your snacks covered this football season. It’s time to sideline that chain restaurant’s pizza and wings for platters of fresh, crunchy, savory goodness. We’ve put together this season’s all-star roundup of flavor perfect for football night with your buds. And no, this is no fantasy. So, grab your favorite team’s jersey, sit back in your recliner or kick your feet up on the coffee table and get ready for a touchdown.

Team Sugar Plum’s gunslinger, the Nuts & Exotic Meats Box is intercepting your grocery store’s stale meat boards and crudite. It’s time to really wow your friends at your next game night. Wild Boar Summer Sausage, Pork, Antelope, and Alligator are guaranteed to do just that. Experience a blitz of sweet and tangy, rich and nutty flavors that dominate the opponent.

For a punt all the way into the endzone, the Signature Nuts and Cheese Box is your MVP. An assortment of flavor profiles for every taste bud, this box comes with three variations of our hand-crafted kettle-cooked nuts: Smokey Whiskey Almonds, Maple Pecans, and Salted Cashews. Teamed up with three types of cheeses, Bacon Cheddar Cheese, White Cheddar Cheese, and Bruschetta Jack Cheese, it’s an undeniable game day must-have.

And for the extra point, Chocolate-Covered Chips are the unbeatable champions. These potato chips are already coated in the best dip of all: chocolate! They double as both dessert and a side, so you know it’s a safe bet. Salty and sweet are the Brady and Gronk of the snack world.

Your friends will not only be coming to your place to take advantage of your NFL Sunday Ticket on the big screen, now they’ll be coming for the crave-worthy bites. 10/10 football fans would recommend. The only downside of Sugar Plum's nuts, cheeses, and meats collections is that it’s hard to yell at the refs through the TV when your mouth is full of delectable munchies. Hut, hut, hike!

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