Father’s Day Gift Guide 

Father’s Day Gift Guide 

Jun 05, 2020Laura Padovano

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is tougher than spotting Sasquatch. Lucky for you, we have wrangled a snack box for every kind of man. All boxes feature a variety of Sugar Plum’s hand-crafted kettle-cooked nuts with gourmet flavors. Stay tuned for the adventurous box of meaty delights; Dad will ground you if he finds out you missed it. 

Okay, Dad claims he does not have a sweet tooth, but where did half of your chocolate bar go? Hmm? It’s fine, we curated a box to distract him long enough for you to find a new hiding spot. This box of three 4-ounce bags of nuts packs a punch with bold flavors like ancho honey chili almonds, coconut curry peanuts, and Mexican cocoa pecans! The heat might not make him cry, but it will be the kick in the pants he needs to finish that Honey Do List you posted three months ago. 

Unfortunately, Doc did not release his time travel technologies to the general public, but Dad won’t let that stop him! With the Sample These Nuts box, he can sit in his cozy chair, close his eyes, open a pack of stout beer almonds, tap room nut mix, or island jerk peanuts, and be instantly transported to the friendly neighborhood pub for brews with the boys. It’s not exactly the same, but he enjoys that he can hear the game now. 

Ahh, yes. A cultured man who has seen it all, eating only the finest cuisine approved by his developed, refined palate. Yeah, we have a box for him, too! The Manly Nut Box has six 4-ounce bags of three classic flavors like Sugar Plum’s taproom nut mix, honey sea salt almonds, and salted cashews, and three global flavors including Thai chili peanuts, Mexican cocoa peanuts, and coconut curry almonds. Arrange our sampler on a Lazy Susan and blindly pick a flavor for a fake vacation around the world! Kind of like payback for that time he booked the wrong hotel that one time (people don’t forget). 

Where’s the beef, you ask? Right here! Sugar Plum’s Nuts & Beef box holds two 4-ounce bags of our tap room nut mix and whiskey nut mix, plus an assortment of seasoned beef sticks. He can choose from 2 mild beef sticks, 4 black pepper beef sticks, and 4 spicy beef sticks. They’re all perfect snacks for holding a beer and manning the grill to avoid washing dishes later. 

Behold! The highly anticipated box of meaty delights. The Nuts & Exotic Meats box includes two 4-ounce bags of Texas BBQ peanuts and Memphis BBQ pecans. Now that the nuts are out of the way, let’s talk meat. We’ve catered to Dad’s hunting sensibilities with a selection of exotic meats like sticks of beef, pork and antelope, pork and alligator, and wild boar summer sausage. Dad gives the best advice, but who told you about the gift box to end all gift boxes? That’s right. We did. 

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