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Two-Ingredient Chocolate Mint Pie

Here we are in the thick of the holiday season! What a year it has been… We hope you’ll bring Sugar Plum into your holiday celebrations. For this crazy time of year, it can be hard to arrange dinners, gifts, and parties. Things can be forgotten easily, and you simply might not have time to bring a dish to your friend’s party. We have a sweet solution right here! It only requires a bit of forethought – at least 4 hours, but putting this pie together will only take about 5 minutes! Try adding some of our Sugar Plum Peppermint...

Cherry Almond Granola

It's hard to find a balance between a quick breakfast and a healthy breakfast. Eggs are always an easy go to, but sometimes it's easy to get tired of eggs every day. Try our Cherry Almond Granola, which you can prepare ahead of time for the whole week! We like to use our Sugar Plum Cherry Almonds combined with some more dried cherries, a bit of honey and sunflower seeds. This recipe is very easy and only takes about 5-10 minutes of active time, then about 20 minutes in the oven. Take half an hour to make this recipe and...

Pumpkin Hummus Recipe

With the holidays this year approaching fast, our stomachs are going to be in for it. In preparation, we like to give them a break with this healthy hummus dip. It's great for sandwiches, dipping veggies, and on pita or with chips. It's also very easy to make with a food processor or high powered blender. You can use any squash, or even something like sweet potatoes. Ingredients1 small squash or pumpkin1 cup of chickpeas1/2 cup of olive oil (possibly more)1/2 clove garlic3 tablespoons Tahini2 teaspoons salt1 lemon (zest + juice) 1. Roast peeled squash in oven until fully cooked.2....

Sugar Plum Hot Chocolate

Sugar Plum Hot Chocolate There's nothing quite like a good cup of hot chocolate when it's chilly out. Just a sip can take you back to your childhood, to when hot chocolate was basically your coffee. You didn't need the caffeine boost you need today as an adult, but you wanted to feel cool drink a hot drink in the wintertime. Don't you miss those days? More often than not hot chocolate is made with some cocoa powder and milk, but our hot chocolate is the real deal. If you enjoy a thick, creamy cup of chocolate, this is the recipe...

Butternut Almond Soup

With cooler weather slowly creeping in, it's finally time to start making some lovely and warming soups. This soup recipe is vegetarian friendly, and can easily be altered to be vegan as well! Our Butternut Almond Soup uses just a few ingredients and doesn't take much time at all. It's the perfect quick meal, and it's filling! Ingredients:1 butternut squash, medium to large1 cup of vegetable stock1 yellow onion1/2 cup of Sugar Plum's Pumpkin Spice Almonds1/2 cup of heavy cream**1 teaspoon ground cumin1/2 teaspoon of cayenne1 tablespoon of honey Blend almonds into a paste, set aside. Peel your butternut squash...