Mother’s Day Gift Guide 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 

Apr 15, 2020Laura Padovano

The day to celebrate the inspirational and influential women in your life is right around the corner! Whether you’re buying for Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Wife, or Mom-To-Be, Sugar Plum Chocolates has all the sweet treats you will need to show them just how special they are. 

Heart Nonpareil Lollipops 

Does Mom love a box of classic nonpareil chocolates for her family movie night snack? Well, we have a pack of three big heart-shaped milk chocolates covered in tons of tiny, colorful, crunchy candy pearls with her name on them. We even put them on a stick for more convenient snacking when the plot starts to take an unexpected turn. 

Comfort Box 

She sent you care packages when you left the nest, so it’s time to return the favor! The Sugar Plum Comfort Box is the perfect gift for helping Mom replenish her top secret snack stockpile hidden in the empty fiber cereal box on top of the fridge. A tasty sampling of Sugar Plum’s sweetest treats, this box includes a bag of chocolate-covered popcorn, six gourmet chocolate truffles, and two milk chocolate bars with crushed pretzel pieces all in one box wrapped with a gorgeous purple ribbon. 

Chocolate Heart Pizza 

What’s better than chocolate candies? How about chocolate candies trapped in a solid milk chocolate heart with even more chocolate drizzled on top?! Our Chocolate Heart Pizza is just another one of the tricks we have tucked in our sleeve and it comes with a mini wooden mallet for Mom to break into bite-sized pieces while she thinks about that one time you drew all over the wall with crayons. 

Mother’s Day Truffle Assortment

You can give Mom the timeless gift of chocolate and flowers or you can treat her to a 9-piece truffle assortment with a gorgeous flower print box. You’re sure to assume the throne as the Favorite Child when you give her the gift of decadent gourmet chocolates wrapped in a special box worthy of Mom. We can promise she will love it, but we can’t promise she will share. Can you blame her? 

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