Best Holiday Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Best Holiday Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Dec 09, 2021Su Pang

Looking for the best holiday gifts for chocolate lovers? You’ve come to the right place! At Sugar Plum, a leading competitor in premium chocolate confections, we have something that is sure to satisfy the cravings of each and every chocolate lover in your life. Whether they like something sweet and salty, something of the white chocolate variety, or a sweet treat in the form of a cookie, we have you covered! We truly have something delicious and special to please any chocolate lover in your family this holiday season!

     1. Nostalgic Chocolate Bars

Looking for a classic chocolate option to give to the chocolate lover in your life but wishing you could add a fun twist? Our Nostalgic Chocolate Bars are the option for you! We reimagined chocolate bars with some of your favorite nostalgic childhood flavors, including Apple Pie, PB&J, Milk and Cookies, Fruity Flakes, and Pancakes & Syrup. Take the chocolate lover in your life down memory lane with these fun flavors! Each purchase comes in a pack of two. However, if you are searching for a larger assortment to gift, don’t worry! We also offer five and ten packs.

     2. White Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies

For the chocolate cookie lovers in your life, consider purchasing our White Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies. With white chocolate often being less common than its popular milk chocolate counterpart, these sandwiches will be a unique and fun change of pace for your friends and family. This is a melt in your mouth treat that they will not be able to put down and ranks among the best holiday gifts for chocolate lovers.

     3. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Nothing is more satisfying than a sweet and salty combo and is sure to be an excellent pick for chocolate lovers of any age. Our Chocolate-Covered Pretzels will offer the indulgence of your favorite chocolate variety with the delicious crunch of a salty pretzel. These boxes come with 12 pretzels total, covered in either milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. It is hard to go wrong with this classic favorite!

     4. Wine Truffle Assortment Box

Hoping to add a surprising twist to chocolate treats for adult chocolate lovers this holiday season? Purchase our Wine Truffle Assortment Box! This 12-piece box set takes truffles to a whole new level by incorporating the special flavors of champagne, rum, Kahlua, Irish creme, and more into these delectable bite-sized treats. The receiver of this top-selling gift box will be sure to find a favorite among our flavorful assortment of lemon meringue, cappuccino, coffee caramel, and other spectacular recipes. There is certainly no need to wrap your gift this year because the presentation of this unique gourmet assortment speaks for itself!

Finding the best holiday gift for the chocolate lovers in your life is easier than ever before with Sugar Plum, the #1 competitor for premium gourmet chocolate confections. This female-owned business has been bringing crowd-pleasing chocolates delicacies to chocolate lovers for over 25 years. Whether it be a friend, colleague, mother-in-law, or boyfriend, Sugar Plum has you covered this holiday season with our premium chocolate treats! Visit us today on Facebook for special offers and promo codes on the best holiday gifts for chocolate lovers.

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