Best Chocolate Gifts for Corporate Gift-Giving!

Best Chocolate Gifts for Corporate Gift-Giving!

Dec 10, 2021Su Pang

Looking to impress your clients, employees, or bosses this holiday season? You can never go wrong with the gift of treats, especially if they are of the chocolate variety! At Sugar Plum, a leading competitor in chocolate confections, we have the best chocolate gifts for corporate gift-giving that you could ask for. Among our melt-in-your-mouth chocolate confections, you are sure to find something that pleases everyone’s palette this holiday season.

     1. Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies

Our Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies are the perfect small thank you gift to your co-worker for all of their hard work to show your appreciation. These sandwich cookies come in a box of twelve, allowing for a delicious and indulgent treat without being “too much”. These fabulous cookies are coated in your choice of chocolate to create the perfect blend of flavors. You can choose between milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolate. If you can’t decide which one to get as a gift, don’t worry! You can also get an assorted box to try out them all.


    2. Chocolate Pretzel Passion Gift Assortment

Hoping to give a sweet and salty treat to one of your corporate workers during the holiday season? Our Chocolate Pretzel Passion Gift Assortment is going to be your go-to gift. With a variety of twenty-two chocolate-dipped pretzels, it is hard to pass this option up when considering what gift to get this holiday season. This gift assortment includes both pretzel rounds and pretzel logs coated in either milk, white, or dark chocolate and topped with treats such as M&Ms and chocolate chips. With this assortment serving 5 people, it is a great gift to purchase for a small group of team members to pass around at your next business meeting. After purchasing this gift assortment, you will be sure to understand why it is ranked among the best chocolate gifts for corporate gift-giving!


     3. Sugar Plum Chocolate Matterhorn Gift Assortment

If you are trying to find the perfect chocolate gift basket to cover all the bases, the Sugar Plum Chocolate Matterhorn Gift Assortment is the perfect option for you. Coming in at 5.5 pounds of chocolate, it truly lives up to its namesake! This gift assortment includes a true mountain of chocolate, ranging from 3 ten-ounce bags of our chocolate-covered popcorn to 6 pieces of chocolate-covered sandwich cookies to 10 pieces of rich chocolate-covered pretzel rounds and so much more! With a serving size of 5-8 people, this is the perfect gift to give to your company client or to pass around an office as a thank you to your team.

Corporate gift-giving is made easy with the best chocolate gifts for corporate gift-giving from Sugar Plum! The #1 competitor for premium chocolate confections needs to be on your radar this holiday season. This female-owned business is dedicated to bringing you quality service and show-stopping chocolates and has been doing so for the last 25 years and counting. Whether you are shopping for a client, co-worker, or boss, our chocolate-covered treats are the very best chocolate gifts for corporate gift-giving!

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