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Nostalgic Chocolate Bars - Five Pack

Chocolate Bars | In stock | Variety (All 5 Bars)
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Enjoy our Nostalgic Chocolate Bars! In packs of five you get to dive back into your favorite childhood flavors and embrace these unique 3.5 oz handmade chocolate bars

Apple Pie- Made with creamy smooth milk chocolate with your favorite fall flavors that give you that hint of cinnamon and dried apple chunks, then kissed with a dash of sea salt. 

Pancakes & Syrup- Made with Milk Chocolate with mixins of hardy dark chocolate, vanilla wafers and finished with a blessing of the perfect amount of syrup flavor. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly- Made with our creamy Milk Chocolate with the perfect childhood combination of smooth peanut butter and jelly. 

Fruity Flake- Made with our decadent white fudge with dashes of fruity pebbles. Makes for the perfect childhood treat that brings you back to saturday mornings. 

Milk & Cookies- Made with our house made milk chocolate this mixture brings you back in time with chocolate chip cookies pieces and the addition smooth milky taste. 

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