Deluxe Happy Birthday Gift Box with 10 Gourmet Snacks


Upgrade our Happy Birthday Gift Box and opt for the Deluxe package with ten snacks! We elevated this bday present with five of our Nostalgic Collection Chocolate Bars! Sugar Plum ensures that this colorful assortment will sweeten up the celebration. 

The Deluxe Happy Birthday Gift Box makes it easy to send a surprise or care package. The snacks offer a symphony of flavors and textures, including sweet, sour, and salty! We had to add our five top-selling Nostalgic Chocolate Bars and Nonpareil Pretzels.

Sugar Plum Chocolates Deluxe Happy Birthday Gift Box includes:

  • Happy Birthday Milk Chocolate Bar 6 Oz.
  • Rainbow Sour Twist Gummies 7 Oz. Bag
  • Chromatic Kettle Popcorn 5 Oz. Bag
  • 2 Chocolate-Covered Rainbow Nonpareil Pretzels 1 Oz. Each
  • 5 Assorted Nostalgic Candy Bars 3.5 Oz. Each 

Sugar Plum packs these five chocolate creations in this birthday present:

  1. Apple Pie
  2. Fruity Flake
  3. PB & J
  4. Milk & Cookies
  5. Pancakes & Syrup

The Deluxe Happy Birthday Gift Box pops with rainbow and bright colors! Snack textures range from crispy to chewy in this assortment. Our handmade candy bars have creamy milk, sweet white, and rich dark chocolates.

Surprise someone you love by sending them the Deluxe Happy Birthday Gift Box. The gourmet snacks offer a way to celebrate if you cannot be there! Our family-owned business carefully handcrafts and packages the candy assortment.

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