Double Decadence Dark Chocolate Remix


What’s better than all your favorite snacks covered in chocolate?

When they’re covered in dark chocolate! Enjoy decadence x 2 with the Sugar Plum Double Decadence Dark Chocolate Remix Box.

Elevate your snacking standards with sweet and salty goodies smothered in rich, luxurious, dark chocolate.

This divine box includes:

  • 2 Bags Dark and Milk Chocolate-Covered Popcorn 10 Oz. Each
  • 2 Bags Milk and Dark Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips 8 Oz. Each
  • 12 Dark Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies 
  • 4 Dark Chocolate Hand Dipped Biscotti Cookies
  • 3 Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers 
  • 9 Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Logs
  • 5 Dark Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rounds
  • 4 Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
They are just waiting to be devoured.
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