NYC Checker Cab Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch Popcorn - 3 Bags


Our NYC Cab Milk Chocolate Caramel Popcorn will "drive" you crazy! Our iconic gourmet snack is coated in a symphony of sweet flavors. The crunch creates the perfect texture to munch on this hand-dipped creation.

The insane mix of caramel corn and hand-dipped milk chocolate is clutch! Sugar Plum's handcrafted recipe comes with a historic story. While in NYC, our founders, Frann and Neil, were snacking during a taxi ride.

The confectionary delight was created in a yellow checker cab in New York City. Neil was eating piping-hot caramel corn. Frann was munching on milk chocolate morsels as they sat in the taxi. 

If you're familiar with NYC traffic, the checker cab made a sudden jerk. A vehicular accident was avoided, but there was a culinary collision. Frann's chocolate flew through the air landing onto Neil's popcorn.

This Sugar Plum gourmet snack was born at that very moment. Each bag has 6 oz. of chocolate-covered caramel corn. Reseal the packaging for freshness and three are included for your snacking pleasure!

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