The Best Truffle Gift Box Assortment for the Holidays

The Best Truffle Gift Box Assortment for the Holidays

Dec 13, 2021Su Pang

The holiday season is all about family, gatherings, and giving. You may have the perfect gift for your spouse, best friend, or sibling picked out and wrapped under the tree already. But a thoughtful gift for some of the other special people in your life can be more challenging. For hard-to-buy-for folks and party hosts, there's the best truffle gift box assortment for the holidays from Sugar Plum Chocolates.


A Unique Host Gift

When attending a holiday party or event, it's polite not to show up empty-handed. Gifts of wine, flowers, and cheese are a customary go-to. For something a little more decadent, unique confections are an inspired choice.

Rather than being one of the many guests who show up to a holiday party with a bottle of wine in hand, Sugar Plum's best truffle gift box assortment for the holidays is shaped like a wine bottle. An artful display of 12 handcrafted chocolate truffles beautifully laid out in a wine bottle-shaped box topped with a perfect red bow.

The holidays are also a time when many people meet the families of their significant others. Meeting the people who raised your favorite person can be a little anxiety-inducing. You want to make a good impression. A specialty box of indulgent chocolate truffles can ensure that you make the right one.

Sugar Plum Chocolates have more than just your standard milk, dark, and white chocolate flavors, though they offer those as well. The Wine Truffle Box Assortment is made up of a variety of unique flavors, including strawberry cheesecake, chai tea, tiramisu, and even White Russian.


A Decadent Gift Under $40

The host of your favorite annual Christmas party isn't the only one who will enjoy the best truffle gift box assortment for the holidays. Everyone has a notoriously hard person to shop for on their gift list.

A gift card might sit in your friend's wallet or be put in a drawer and forgotten about. A piece of home decor may not be their style. Sugar Plum's handcrafted truffles are a luscious treat anyone would look forward to at an affordable price point. These memorable little morsels will have that special person in your life thanking you each time they pick a chocolate sphere up from the box.

Sugar Plum Chocolates is a family candy business in northeastern Pennsylvania. They have offered up quality and premium chocolate confections for over 25 years, becoming a go-to source for upscale holiday treats for those who want to make an impact on a budget. But you don't need to be local to take advantage of their offerings. Sugar Plum's dependable mail-order business delivers fresh, quality goodies that those on your Christmas list will love. In addition to decoratively boxed confections, they also offer customized baskets and corporate gifts.

Whether you need a unique host gift or something sweet for your mother-in-law, a Secret Santa gift, or a little something special for a friend you haven't seen in a while, the best truffle gift box assortment for the holidays from Sugar Plum Chocolates is sure to be a hit.

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