Snack Trays for Days This Summer

Snack Trays for Days This Summer

Jul 20, 2023Rachel Pugh

Pool parties, picnics, cookouts with friends… summertime is full of outdoor fun and gatherings with people you love. Plus, who can forget about the continuous food? Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, the list of summertime favorites is almost endless.

It’s all delicious and you look forward to every single BBQ. But, and although you’re not complaining, you simply can’t attend a gathering empty-handed. And how many times can you bring macaroni salad or a veggie tray?


A fun way to mix it up and bring something different for all ages is to create a candy tray. And who doesn’t love a little candy and some snacks to grab in-between relaxing and floating in the pool? These colorful collections of sweet and salty snacks are easy to display and can be enjoyed by all the kids as well as all the adults. Mix and match colors and create patriotic trays with red, white and blue candies or simply keep it summery with bright, cheerful colors which can always be found in gummies, licorice, popcorn, cheese puffs, and other favorite treats.


Easy to prep in advance if you’re hosting, you can simply find various sized bowls and jars and display on a big cutting board or tray. Then, have some fun as you fill each container with all the different candies and salty snacks. If you’re attending someone else’s party, just pack your containers with you, or ask if the host has some glass bowls, jars, or any small transparent containers that you can use to display your arrangement when you arrive.  And if the food is all displayed indoors, don’t forget to add some chocolate goodies to the mix!


If you need some help in getting started, you can purchase a pre-assembled snack box and simply grab your snack box, head to the party and set up shop upon arrival. Can’t find a bunch of different sized glass containers? Simply open the box to display the snacks and add a little sign saying, “grab some handfuls”. This way, your guests know to share the bags of treats.


If you’re looking for some complete snack boxes to help you get started, check out Sugar Plum’s Munchies Box, complete with 12 handpicked bags of snacks, including everything from peach hearts to chocolate-covered cookie dough bites. Party a little smaller or maybe a tad bigger? Then perhaps their Snack Attack Box, available in 3 sizes, Small (6 snacks), Medium (12 snacks), or Large (18 snacks) will be just the right sized snack box you need for the shindig. Plus, you can select the snacks yourself!


So keep those summer parties going and liven up the dishes a little with some fun and tasty treats that the entire crowd can enjoy.


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