“A Chocolate-Covered Success”

“A Chocolate-Covered Success”

Feb 28, 2023Rachel Pugh

The story of Frann Edley’s passion to grow Sugar Plum Chocolates

Frann Edley ,the founder of Sugar Plum Chocolates with some of her recent chocolate products.\

It started with a bridge table, a microwave, and a crock pot. And Frann Edley’s determination to do something that she could call her own. Perfecting her hobby of making chocolate-covered treats, the creative mom, wife, and former teacher knew that “hard work and dedication don’t just happen, it’s the foresight and willingness to take the good with the bad and realize that nothing is perfect. My motto is, ‘for every breakdown, there’s a breakthrough,’” she explains. “I learned and personally grew every day with my business to get where I am today. We are still growing and learning”. 

Denali Chocolates

Opening her first store on March 1, 1995, in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Frann began selling chocolate trays and chocolate dipped cookies and the business began to grow. So much so, that they had to relocate, and did so 3 times within 5 years. In 1996, the Sugar Plum website launched, and in just 4 short years later, Sugar Plum was officially selling online and nationwide. 

In 2002, the company moved into its current factory in Forty Fort, PA and kept multiple retail stores in the Kingston, PA area. Eighteen years later, they opted to close the brick and mortars and work full time from the factory, where they ship across the country but also offer curbside pick-up. 

Denali Chocolate

With more than 20 seasonal employees now, Frann is still 100% involved in the day-to-day business. That’s because her passion for creating unique products ahead of the trend and providing top customer service remains steady, “If you have a passion or a vision for something, go for it. The satisfaction is amazing. Treat employees and customers the way you want to be treated. Good customer service is very important.” And Frann has every intention to keep her passion alive by bringing her business to the next level through expansion and making a difference in the community.

Believing in the power of a cohesive team continues to serve as a top value for the company, 

“We want to keep building our team as one cannot do it alone. You must be on top of the game. Our team is very hands-on, creative, and open-minded. Not everything always works, but if you don’t try, you don’t know”. 

Denali Chocolate

Proud of Sugar Plum’s evolution and reaching its goals step by step, Frann continues to be fearless for the future and confident in trying new things for the company’s retail and wholesale initiatives, “Every day is full of surprises. You never know who is going to knock on your door.”

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