Celebrate National Nut Day with Our Newest Exotic Nut!

Celebrate National Nut Day with Our Newest Exotic Nut!

Oct 21, 2016Matt Watkins

Have you noticed that somehow just about every day on the calendar is some type of "National This Day" or "National That Day?"

While normally we don't pay an awful lot of attention to all of these seemingly pulled-out-of-nowhere days, there is one coming up this weekend that did happen to catch our eye:


To join in the celebration of this power-packed snack we wanted to offer our loyal Plum Club followers a chance to be among the first to taste one of our brand-new and freshly-developed flavors that we'll be adding in to our "Around the World" collection of nuts very soon...

...our Moroccan Harissa Lime Peanuts.

For those of you not overly-familiar with the North African condiment scene, harissa is traditionally prepared as a spicy paste of that is almost-universally created with a combination of hot chile peppers, garlic, salt, and olive oil, along with a blend of spices that tends to vary from town to town and can include coriander, caraway seeds, cumin, and dried mint. 

In the Maghrebi countries of Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia it is at least as popular as ketchup is here, and has a whole bunch in common with the Thai chili pastes and sauces like sriracha that have gotten massive popular over the past few years.

And speaking of sriracha, some are even proclaiming that harissa is a top contender for knocking Sriracha off of its "King of the Exotic Sauces" pedestal- but with a spicy & savory flavor profile like that, should any one really be all that surprised?

Couple all of that with a twist of lime for just a bit of an extra zing and you've got a flavor combination that you just will not find in any other snack anywhere else in the world- but then again, that's what we are all about here at Sugar Plum!

Just like all all of our incredible gourmet nuts, we make our Moroccan Harissa Lime Peanuts in small batches to ensure that you only get the tastiest and most mouthwatering-ly scrumptious nuts that you've ever had the pleasure of munching on before! 

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