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The Showstopper

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Flatter. If we could choose one word to describe our new Showstopper, “flatter” would be it. Why “flatter” you ask? Well just bring one to your next gathering and look at the praise you’ll receive. But you’ll also notice the new shape - it’s flat! We reimagined our world-famous Chocolate Mountain as a flat and easily-transportable treat perfect for gifting and a must at any party. Our Showstopper features chocolate-covered pretzels, chips, sandwich cookies, and marshmallows resting upon a foundation of our chocolate-drizzled popcorn. Flatter yourself...or others with Sugar Plum’s exclusive Showstopper.

Each and every one of Sugar Plum's Showstoppers contains the following treats for your snacking pleasure:

(20oz) Chocolate-Drizzled Popcorn

(4oz) Chocolate-Covered Chips

(5) Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rounds

(4) Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies

(4) Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows

(1) Milk Chocolate-Covered Biscotti