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The Fantastical Chocolate Bar Gift Set


For those snackers that like to eat with their feet on their earth and their head way up in the clouds, our Fantastical Chocolate Bar Gift Set is one gift that just cannot be surpassed!

Our Unicorn bar is the fanciful (and delicious!) end result of what happens when our ChocoScientists try and distill the wonder of one of their favorite animals into an imaginative chocolate bar!

To accomplish this, our team blended our creamy white chocolate with super colorful fruity rainbow cereal pieces to make a bar that is, well, just outta this world, so make sure to snag a few while they are still here!

And speaking of outta this world...

Have you ever wondered just what would be created if we allowed our peerless ChocoScientists to let their minds just wander...perhaps even out of this world?

We did, and when we came back to see the fruits of their labor...well, we can't say that we were particularly surprised, because we were downright shocked at the outlandishly-flavored and galactically-colored creation that they came up with: our Galaxy chocolate bar!

Featuring our wonderfully unique and exquisite white chocolate, flavored with electrifying blue raspberry and blended with cosmic colors and metallic grey sprinkles, our Galaxy bar is the perfect chocolate bar for anyone looking up to the stars for a tasty treat!

Each one of our Fantastical Chocolate Bar Gift Sets includes two of our Unicorn bars and two of our Galaxy bars for your wild snacking pleasure!

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