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Nurses' Appreciation Box

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We also owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our nurses, who form the underappreciated backbone of our healthcare system, and this Nurses’ Appreciation Day, we all owe them quite a deal more thanks than usual.  

To do our part in showing our thanks, our expert team has curated a crowd-pleased collection of our fan-favorites to create our Nurses’ Appreciation Box, which is stuffed to the brim with the kind of sweet treats that are sure to show our nurses just how deeply you are for everything they do while they serve as a caring guide nursing us all back to health!

Every Nurse’s Appreciate Box includes: 

1 - White Chocolate Aspirin

1 - Chocolate-Covered Graham Cracker with a Chocolate Band-aid

1 - White Chocolate Nurses Bar

2 - Nurse Lollipops

1 - Bag of Milk and Dark Chocolate-Covered Popcorn, featuring a Chocolate Caduceus Emblem

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