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Maple Brown Sugar Pecans - Half-Pound

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As fall arrives and the air grows to be more crisp with each passing day, hunting down snacks with just a bit of a sweeter side have a unique knack for bringing you the comfy coziness you long for - and if there is a flavor that completes the fall flavor trinity with apple and pumpkin spice, it is most certainly maple!

Just the thoughts of sweet, ooey-gooey maple syrup purchased fresh from a state fair is enough to have our mouths watering, which is why we developed our Maple Brown Sugar Pecans.  Each small batch is expertly hand-roasted in our copper kettles to conjure up a sweet taste that warms you up from the inside-out more easily than even your finest pair of Uggs!

Each order of our Maple Brown Sugar Pecans contains eight ounces of our copper kettle-roasted crunchy n’ savory pecans for your snacking pleasure!

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