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Kettle-Cooked Herbal Pecans - 15 Ounces

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Inspired by some of our favorite European cuisines, the three nut varieties in this sampler utilize the rich and full-bodied taste of pecans to accentuate the savory herb-based blends carefully applied to them during our closely-guarded kettle-cooking process to create the type of unusual and delightful experience we at Sugar Plum constantly strike to achieve!

Our three artisanally-crafted pecans varieties include Lemon & Basil, Tangerine & Thyme, and Herbes de Provence for a vibrant and zesty set of flavors that'll keep your tastebuds thrilled with each & every bite!

Each and every one of our Kettle-Cooked Herbal Pecan sets includes 15 full ounces of artisanally-crafted pecans, including 5 ounces of each unique variety.

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