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Kettle-Cooked Candied Vanilla Sea Salt Pistachios - 1 Pound Gift Tin


Ah, the pistachio...

If memory serves me right a wise man once said, "Pistachios are as green as the fertile valley, and as abundant for the body as well."

And ya know what, who are we to question that type of wisdom?

We've been so enraptured by the unique flavor and health benefits of this unique green nut that we've applied our typical Sugar Plum ingenuity to create something that is great for the taste buds and for the body!

To create our Kettle-Cooked Candied Vanilla Sea Salt Pistachios, we take California-grown shelled pistachios and apply them to our special handmade kettle-cooked process, adding in vanilla and a hint of sea salt during the process to give them a wonderfully unique sweet & savory taste that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Each of our Kettle-Cooked Candied Vanilla Sea Salt Pistachio Gift Tins contains one full pound of delicious pistachios (which do seem to go faster than you'd ever expect!) so make sure to grab one, two, or a few because once you start you just won't want to stop!

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