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Guinness Irish Stout & Pretzel Dark Chocolate Truffles

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For the Irish Stout lovers it really doesn't get better than this! True to our innovation and our love for all things delicious, our chocolate artisans have crafted these handmade Irish Stout truffles.

Our truffles are made with rich, dark Irish stout carefully mixed with luscious dark chocolate to create creamy ganache core that is absolutely to die for. The truffles are then double-coated in dark chocolate to form a delectable shell rolled in, what else, beer pretzels. You will think you have died and gone to gourmet heaven.

As these truffles are carefully hand crafted they should be eaten immediately for best freshness (not that we think they'll be able to stay around for very long!)

Contains 1 pound of Guinness Irish Stout & Pretzel Dark Chocolate Truffles