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Damn, Man - Taproom Nut Mix - 1 Pound Bag - FREE SHIPPING

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There is very little that pairs better with crackin’ open an ice-cold brew than a salty, savory, spicy, and crunchy blend of snacks that is just salty and spicy enough to make your mouth water but not so spicy that it keeps you from tossing back handful after handful - right up until you come to find your bowl is suddenly empty!

With our Taproom Nut Mix, it is that exact experience that you’ll find with each and every bite and which’ll keep you coming back, bowl after bowl - just don’t be surprised when you find yourself saying “Damn man, we need to order another bag!”

Each 1 pound bag of our Taproom Nux Mix contains an assortment of the following salty & savory snacks:

  • Roasted peanuts - A classic foundation for our Taproom mix which features a perfectly dialed-in blend of salty roastedness 
  • Spicy peanuts - A spicy spin on the classic roasted peanut, featuring a mouthwatering blend of onion, garlic, jalapeno, and red pepper, all topped off with hints of paprika for a timeless spicy BBQ flavor
  • Honey roasted sesame sticks - Made from sesame and bulger wheat and then generously coated with a honey-roasted flavor for taste you’ll be searching for in every bite
  • Pretzels - A classic that cannot be excluded from any self-respecting taproom-style mix, our mini pretzels provide a salty crunch that is sure to satisfy
  • Wasabi peas - These roasted peas are coated with a blend of salt and wasabi to give a whole ‘nother kind of heat to this taproom blend
  • Toffee peanuts - Helping to round off the spicy edges with a smooth & sweet toffee flavor, these toffee peanuts are an integral part of our taproom blend’s recipe
  • Spicy cashews - Another spin on a timeless spicy flavor and featuring onion, garlic, and jalapeno, these cashews put forward a bit of a stronger zing than even the spicy peanuts

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