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Maple Brown Sugar Pecans - Set of 2

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As autumn nears and the air gets chilly, we long to feel warm and cozy not just by donning our favorite scarf and Ugg boots, but by indulging in tasty fall treats. And if there’s a flavor that compliments the ever-popular pumpkin spice and apple, it’s maple. This year, make sweater weather a little sweeter with our maple brown sugar pecans. Expertly roasted in small batches in our copper kettles, these tasty morsels allow you to bring the flavors of the state fair right to your home. So while the leaves crunch under your feet this autumn, enjoy the crunch of some delicious pecans too.

Each order of our Maple Brown Sugar Pecans contains eight ounces of our copper kettle-roasted crunchy n’ savory pecans for your snacking pleasure!

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