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Cocoa Nuts 3-Bar Monthly Subscription (1 Year)

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You know that you deserve a treat - but who wants to go and remember to have to give themselves that treat month after month?

Don't you just think it'd be better to just hit the button once, set it, forget it, and give a gift to yourself or one of your dearest friends month after month, all without a moment's thought?

Of course it is, so go ahead and treat yourself.

Every month over the course of the year that you are enrolled in our Cocoa Nuts 3-bar subscription program, you'll receive 3 of our world-famous varieties of chocolate bars for your snacking pleasure.

Please note that this is a 1-year subscription to our Cocoa Nuts 3-Bar Monthly Subscription Service, and you will be charged 12 monthly payments for the duration of your subscription.

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