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Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Mountain Tray

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Due to hot seasonal summer shipping conditions, this product is currently only available by calling in to Sugar Plum’s customer service number (1-800-44-SUGAR) and speaking to one of our team members.

While on the phone, our team will be able to assess the weather at your desired destination and advise you on the potential shipping solutions available to ensure the product will arrive as intended - beautiful, fresh, and delicious!


Looking for a chocolaty, salty, and crunchy treat that is more than just a wee-bit outside of the box? Our Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Mountain Tray will definitely fit the bill!

Featuring one-and-a-half pounds of our artisanal handcrafted chocolate-covered pretzels, all festively decorated and drizzled with artfully-colored chocolate to set the mood for a perfect gathering, our Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Mountain Tray is big enough for everyone to dig in and grab a handful of something sweet this holiday season!

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