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Breakable Chocolate Christmas Wreath - 1 Pound

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It seems as though that, for most people, placing a star atop their Christmas tree is truly (and in this case, literally) what caps off their holiday decorating rituals - but we aren’t so certain that really should be the case.  After all, isn’t there something so special to the pride felt from hanging a festively full wreath that really and truly caps off the spirit of the decorating season?  We certainly think so, and it was with those thoughts in mind that we developed our Breakable Milk Chocolate Christmas Wreath! 

Featuring a full pound of our luxurious, smooth, and decadent milk chocolate that has been carefully molded into a gorgeous wreath shape, our Breakable Milk Chocolate Wreath has been designed with shareable fun in mind, which is exactly why it includes a mallet and has been specifically engineered to split into perfectly shareable pieces to savor alongside your closest friends and family (and maybe even take out a lil’ repressed holiday aggression while you are at it)!

Naturally, it isn’t nearly as fun (or tasty) to take our word for it, so make sure to snag a bunch while you can and find out for yourself! 

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