Cocoa Nuts | Chocolate Subscription Programs

Cocoa Nuts: Chocolate Subscription Programs

First Step:

Decide on how you are getting a subscription for, as it makes just as great of an option for a lil’ sweet monthly personal retreat delivered straight to your doorstep as it does for a long-running, year-round gift that sure knocks the socks off of...well, new socks or a subscription to some “Jelly of the Month” club - this is the REAL gift that keeps on givin’!

Second Step:

Choose from one of our subscription options; from more flavors of chocolate bars than can be comprehended to ever-changing range of chocolate-covered goodies, chocolate barks, and exquisitely handmade and kettle-roasted nuts, there is no shortage of options to choose from! 

Third Step: 

Select how long of subscription you’d like to purchase.  We have several great options that’ll let you choose something for any gourmet food lover in your life, from a stocking stuffer-sized value to a subscription that’ll leave even the most insatiable chocoholic delectably delighted all year long - just set it and forget it!

Choose A Subscription!