Tangy Memphis BBQ Seasoning - 5 Pack


Our Tangy Memphis BBQ Seasoning is perfect for pork!  The barbecue spice, used as a dry rub, elevates spare and baby back ribs. The five packets are 1.5 oz. each and resealable. 

Tangy Memphis BBQ is known for being smoked or slow-cooked until the meat is tender. The barbecue ribs fall off the bone due to the process with low and indirect heat. Our handcrafted seasoning also elevates pulled pork sandwiches and beef brisket.

The Tangy Memphis BBQ Blend has both sweet and spicy flavors. The five packets go a long way when grilling or smoking meats. We developed a handcrafted recipe with a blend of herbs and brown sugar powder.

**The Tangy Memphis BBQ Seasoning Contains Mustard.**

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