Spicy Carolina BBQ Seasoning - 5 Pack


Sugar Plum Spicy Carolina BBQ Seasoning is inspired by the two states down south. Our culinary experts channeled this region while handcrafting this barbecue blend. The secret ingredients in our recipe are vinegar and various peppers.

The Spicy Carolina BBQ Seasoning is versatile and can be used in multiple ways. The five packets can serve as a dry rub for pork and other cuts of meat. Also, consider making a marinade of spicy barbecue sauce. 

Each packet of our Spicy Carolina BBQ Seasoning is 1.5 oz. and resealable. Extend the blend's freshness for your grilling or meat smoking. Create Eastern, Lexington, or Piedmont barbecue dinners. 

Sugar Plum's handcrafted recipe works well on various porks and other meats. The Spicy Carolina BBQ Seasoning has a distinct flavor. Find regional inspiration with this barbecue blend to eat with coleslaw or hushpuppies. 

**Please note that Spicy Carolina BBQ Seasoning Contains Mustard.**

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