Is there a charge for sending to Warm Climates?

Melting Chocolate

We take pride in all of our handmade chocolate items and want to ensure that they arrive to you in a condition that you will be pleased with. Sometimes Mother Nature does not cooperate with our chocolate business and we must overnight products and pack our chocolate delicacies in ice. 
As such, we reserve the right to upgrade your shipping to overnight and add an $8.00 ice surcharge to your order, where the departure or destination temperature is 75 degrees or higher This cost is for reuseable ice packs to be placed in the shipment to maintain the temperature of the chocolate at all times. Our policy is to not to force the shipping upcharge on all orders like other chocolate companies. Our customer service team checks arrival and departure city temps before shipping to ensure that expedited freight charges are necessary. We do not charge when it's not needed.

Note: This Surcharge will not show up on your shopping cart statement. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us immediately.