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Gourmet Nuts

Gourmet Nuts & Gourmet Nut Assortments

Sugar Plum Chocolates offers the finest assortment of gourmet nuts and gourmet nut assortments. Selections include liquor-infused nuts, beer nuts, candy-coated nuts, srirach infused nuts and many more. New flavors are always in development to meet current taste trends.
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gourmet dark cherry infused almonds pumpkin spiced almonds 24oz Favorite Beer & Whiskey Gourmet Nut Assortment
16oz Sand Trap Cinnamon Roasted Cashews 16oz Fairway Cinnamon Roasted Peanuts 16oz Par 4 Cinnamon Roasted Almonds
16oz Tennessee Whiskey Almonds Tin 16oz Irish Stout Beer Cashews Tin 16oz Jamaican Lager Beer Peanuts Tin
Mint Julep Derby Almonds 7oz Kentucky Bourbon Pecans 7oz